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Confirmed Motor Storm E3 Footage Realtime!
04 Dec 2005 15:04 | Furious | Playstation 3
PS3Today.com | Link to this article

Motor Storm CEO finally puts the rumors to rest... The E3 trailer footage was realtime running on the PS3 Alpha kits with the 6800 SLI and a slower cell processor. I do have one caveot the AI was turned off to showcase the visuals. Keep in mind the graphics were achieved with a watered down version of the final PS3. Once the final kits are received we should expect the same level of visuals with the final build. To view the entire interview utilize the story link and review the "Game News" section and scroll down to the Motor Storm video. This is great news for the PS3, welcome to the next-gen!

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1 -
Unregistered - wotter 12.04.2005 15:26
Nice to hear such a thing, but still, i wait till CES or the sony conference in Feb. But if they achieve that quality of graphics, well than motorstorm is going to be my first game for the ps3 :)

2 -
Unregistered - Hank 12.04.2005 16:40
Great news, still I want to see playable version of that game. If that's true
, welcome real next-generation, not just better graphics.

3 - If thats the actual gameplay and graphics?????
badkolo 12.04.2005 17:10
That looks more like a movie then ingame so ill believe it when i see it.

But if thats the quality of graphics for that game and what the ps3 can do in general then im simply blown away and my 360 will be given to the needy.

Unregistered - Fanboy:-) 12.04.2005 17:32
If this is ingame, that means that all the other Videos like Gran Turismo and so on will look the same. Sony said the presented Videos because its the same as the Gameplay will loke like. It's hard to believe but if that's Right i will never buy a Revolution because more than this will never WILL NEVER BE NEEDED. I'm Shocked^^

5 - Interesting but is it true
Unregistered - Oblivion 12.04.2005 18:13
I wont fully believe them until u can play it.If they can do it well done.Im sure the 360 can do these graphics but how long will it be?Still have to get a 360 though.Its exclusives are too good.If i have enough im def getting a ps3.

6 -
Unregistered - saphiron 12.04.2005 18:49
Same here... Not getting hyped yett, they have cheated me before.. hehe

I personally don't think the game will look this good when its playable...

But if it does, it will be one of my first games... :D

7 -
Unregistered - whocares 12.04.2005 19:34
I can believe its real, or as close to what has been shown, all you have to do is look at the best of PS2 and you know the leap will be just as big as it was from PS1, never underestimate playstation.

8 - Still on dev kits ha?
Unregistered - DeepFreezed 12.04.2005 20:17
6800 SLI???

I guess when they have low framerate they will blam the dev kit.....

9 -
Unregistered - Evan 12.04.2005 20:22
that looks nothing near actual in game footage.. i mean u cant even pick out the game engine from that.

10 - To # 9
Unregistered - whocares 12.04.2005 20:29
It looks a damn sight better than current gen graphics on supposed next gen X360

11 -
Unregistered - Vincenzo 12.04.2005 20:54
I just watch the video again and i think it can be done. Yes its something we have not seen in a game but thats what next-gen is all about.

12 -
Unregistered - Evan 12.04.2005 20:59
Its funny how u guys are calling this next gen when its actually the same gen.. many computers like mine have the same power of the ps3. dont forget that killzone 2 was a CGI and the developers even admitted it was after e3.. at e3 sony said it was real time footage.. so are they doing it again?

13 - To # 12
Unregistered - whocares 12.04.2005 21:07
which games look as good as or better than Motor Storm on PC?... None so STFU, your not the only person with a high end PC.

14 -
Havoc 12.04.2005 21:19
I think this whole artical is fake, can I get a working link, can I get quotes. There are some parts of the trailer that look like possible gameplay footage but you can tell the trailer is CG. Again this is like the Killzone footage, the developers can get the game to look like the trailer graphically especially since racing games are the easiest to make look real but we will have to see what will they do with AI and gameplay. Untill I see a real link to this artical then it's not official. We have a month to find out how close the actual games match the trailers and I don't expect the games to come out exactly like the trailers. I mean for that kind of AI you see in those trailers you would need a highly super powerful processor or maybe it's possible but developers just need to work extra hard on the AI. If that is real motor storm gameplay than that is truly something to get excited for. Besides graphics AI is what next-gen should really be about. To have the computer respond to you like it did in the Motor storm trailer, or when your teammate handed you a gun in the Killzone trailer that would really make games worth playing and I think that is what this current gen is definitely missing.

15 - To Havoc
Unregistered - whocares 12.04.2005 21:27
Motor Storm is by the same team who made WRC rally series on PS2, that series looks pretty good for PS2, so I have no doubt, this will look as good as what has been shown.

16 - taken by the words but...
Unregistered - amed 12.04.2005 22:04
Im convinced that the trailor in all done in real time but i dont think that hows the gameplay is gonna be, i mean the camera wont be shiftin to different angel every second or so. Instead, the camera will be positioned like all car racing game; from the back, inside the car. Perhaps whats Sony and folks of Motor meant that its all realtime in a sense that players can capture the gameplay of a race and switch it to different angels.

17 - Havok here's some food for thought...
Furious 12.04.2005 22:13
Havok, the footage shown could have definately been real footage from the game engine. Remember the AI was turned off to boost the graphics displayed, with that being said all the footage shown was "staged" for the trailer. Let me explain you take a game engine with real assets and use fancy cinematography to show off the visuals. I doubt the final game would have the exact sequences of action that occured during the trailer, but that does not mean the engine is not capable of rendering the level of visuals displayed. Considering the trailer was made on a Alpha kit with a short amount of development time, the final product should be on the same visual level with AI & physics implemented.

AI is a whole different issue for next-gen you really have to consider what impact AI has on gameplay. Many people say they would like more life like AI in characters, but what is really more life like? People make decisions based on assumptions and reactions. Computers make decisions based on fact and algorithims... If a NPC could shoot you with a head shot from 200 meters while running would that be better AI, I think not. I recently played Call of Duty 2 on the hardest difficulty level and was very impressed with the computer reactions during battle. The enemies reacted very naturally to my decisions during the battle, but the difficulty was almost to the level of frustrating.
After playing Call of Duty I believe the computer interaction shown in the Killzone 2 trailer is achievable. I'm sure you could add scripted events where the NPC would give you their weapon or ammunition to fire at enemies, the concept does not sound that difficult to pull off.. That's my 2 cents. Peace.

Unregistered - pshizle360 12.04.2005 22:15
i believe it when i see it!

19 - #18 ????
Furious 12.04.2005 22:30
It's not a fake article, I just don't understand some people...
The developers stated the footage was realtime just view the video.
If the developers lied about the footage we will know once the final product is released. I'm sure Sony is approaching the PS3 launch very carefully not to overstate the power of the console. We all remember the claims made regarding the PS2 and I'm sure Sony remember this as well. I doubt Sony would allow any developer to make false claims regarding their games. If the final product ships with the same level of visuals you will be the same person still saying it does not play like the footage in the trailer. Some people are never satisfied...

20 -
Unregistered - whocares 12.04.2005 22:40
It doesn't really matter what people think about this game' the thing is, this game is gonna rock and I cant wait.

21 - bu but
Unregistered - saphiron 12.04.2005 22:47
But they have already made lies.. so much for that thrust...

But I dont care.. Their all the same. Waiting to see some real stuff instead...

22 - To # 21
Unregistered - whocares 12.04.2005 22:53
Oh dear, did we see any footage or game-play of Xbox at PS2 launch or 6 months after?... NO! so stop your whining and go play your much anticipated X360, that has made you bored already

23 - cool
Unregistered - sparky 12.04.2005 23:14
that's cool

24 - I hope it's real time gameplay who cares if it's real time trailer
Unregistered - smarty pants 12.05.2005 00:30
Got a xbox360 now PS3 here I come. Well after price drop and the whole HD-DVD / Blue-Ray is over. Man I hope in game looks like this. Also the same for Killzone PS3. Please Sony don't lie to me again, (PS2, emotion engine, toy story) I was so stoked like I am now.

25 - I take back the fake artical comment I made.
Havoc 12.05.2005 00:34
Sorry about that Furious, at first I thought this was something that was just made up because I didn't see any sources but then I found the link to the video you were talking about. When I first clicked on the video it didn't work, but I thought it was just the Motor storm trailer I didn't know it had an interview in it so I had went to ign to view the regular trailer. My bad man, good find.

and to comment 18. If I wouldn't of said that the artical was fake, would you had of said?

26 - dont have a name so death can't find me
Unregistered - dude 12.05.2005 01:58
i have very high hopes for sony my to my astonishment that is truly amazing.

27 - dont have a name so death can't find me
Unregistered - dude 12.05.2005 02:00
i have very high hopes for sony
to my astonishment that is truly amazing.

28 - Still kind of skeptical...
Truth 12.05.2005 04:28
I'm on the fence with this one. I mean, to me... it looked like a video. Some things and details just looked a little too perfect for me. However, at the same time after seeing MGS4 and knowing it was running off pretty much the same watered down PS3... I can, in a way... believe it.

MGS4 was running off a 2.4GHz Cell processor, 256MB of XDRam and supposedly a 6800 SLI setup. Now. Imagine if it were running on the fully powered 3.2GHz Cell, 256 more MB's or DDR3 ram and the Nvidia 7800 GTX GPU. Taking all this into account is not proof that the visuals of Motorstorm can be done, but it does make you wonder.

Like most though... I'll wait untill I see a video running real time.

29 - Whoops...
Truth 12.05.2005 04:30
Supposed to be: "256 more MB's of DDR3 ram" not "or ram" and the Nvidia 7800 GTX should be the RSX.

It's late, gimme a break. =P

30 - Hmmm...
Truth 12.05.2005 04:36
For those of you saying Sony lied when they were hyping up the PS2, I say... c'mon. Really now. If you look at all the video presentations shown and then play games like Gran Tourismo 4, God of War, and Fight Night Round 2 you will see that they met and/or exceeded what was shown.

Now, if you look at the NUMBERS and RAW statistics they read, then yes... they lied. Rather, they gave numbers that were realistically possible when running a game with full effects, etc.

Bottom line. All companies do it so why hold such resentment? It's called hyping a product. Sony wouldn't have sold over 100 million PS2 if most promises were met in some way shape or form. I'm happy with my PS2 and just returned from my friends house were we played Madden '06. I'm impressed, but I'm not going to buy one. I'd rather save up for the PS3 and have my friends buy the other systems so I can enjoy them all.

31 - Interview CEO
Bunnyslippers 12.05.2005 05:43
It was not an article it was a video-interview on a website.
The comment was not from Sony, but from a Evolution Studios CEO. This is what he said and I quote "everything you see, that is the PS3".


Also people saying Sony lied before, lied to themself. Sony didn't promised Toy Story graphics for the games, but for the fmv(cgi) in games. Everything which was shown for the PS2 could be done in realtime on the PS2, but some of it could not be done in gameplay-form. Like the "old man head". Microsoft promised the same graphics as that techdemo with that dancing robot and that X-girl, but no Xbox game has that kind of detail yet.

But I sure hope developers don't overestimate the power of the Cell-processor.

Unregistered - Dolphinsmind 12.05.2005 07:59
Thats the best game i have ever seen, thats the reason why it has to be a Sony ^^
Microsoft will be hiding with his piece of crap from the power of tomorrow, the Playstation 3, the best console on earth

33 - Fanboy CGI
Unregistered - DeepFreezed 12.05.2005 09:46
Yeah, If SONY had a game like this on the burner they would have been boasting about it….

Definitely some CGI form some fanboy…..

I have played enough games to realize that’s this not real…..

34 -
Unregistered - a guy 12.05.2005 09:52
And what games have you been playing to tell you that Motorstorm is not possible?

35 - direct link?
Scythe 12.05.2005 10:40
where is this video? what is the link i can't find in on that site supplied

36 -
Unregistered - a guy 12.05.2005 10:46
You can find it here ----> http://www.control-freaks.tv

37 -
Unregistered - whocares 12.05.2005 11:06
Here's another link to Motor storm: http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=5841&pl=game&type=wmv

38 - Stupid and Cheated
Unregistered - hardwood2001 12.05.2005 11:13
I can't wait for the ps3 to launch so everybody can fell stupid and cheated. Motor Storm is not going to be the same game or close to it when it launches. It will take another 3-5 years for those games at E3 and the Tokyo game shown to run at 60 fames per second (or more) according to J Allard. This game is clearly running at 100 fames per second, give or take 10 fames... lol

Anyway have you guys watch the 4th video were Ian Livingstone stated- because of nex-gen cost there will be less franchises ported over to nex-gen consoles(ps3). WOW I did not realize that until now.

39 - Here we go again..more hype..no substance
Unregistered - akakage 12.05.2005 11:35
I'm really getting tired of so-called "real-time" renders. Real-time renders are nothing more then over-glorified tech-demos. Why now...half a year after the show do they miraculously claim...oh this is "real-time" footage with the AI turned off? Gimme a break. The MGS4 trailer was running on a ps3 dev kit, motor storm was not. Real-time renders do nothing but showcase an upcoming title. There is no gameplay footage. WHY is it so hard for Sony to show us some REAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE. Not a real-time render, not a tech demo but REAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE. I was at E3 the most impressive thing they showed for ps3 was a VIDEO of an artistic representation of the next Killzone. PS3 was suppose to be playable at TGS..but it wasn't..again. Sony...GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE PLEASE!!! You want to really get people interested in PS3 show us some actual gameplay footage of DMC4 instead of screenshots that may or may not be in-game. Lets see some footage of someone playing MGS4 or lets see someone actually playing Killzone 2, lets see some actual gameplay footage for a change. Stop wasting our time with "real-time" renders that only serve the purpose of getting PS3 fanboys riled up. Real GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE PLEASE!! The kits have been in Developers hands 6 months now...PS3 launches in roughly about 4-5 months...its put up or shut up time...please show us some gameplay or don't waste our time. Besides..I really want to see DMC4 gameplay footage....as I am a huge DMC fan!!!

40 - Don't underestimate
Unregistered - Fanboy:-) 12.05.2005 11:46
How great was the Jump from PS1 to PS2?
I think so great how the Jump from Ps2 to Ps3 will be. A Milestone in other Words. Don't underestimate SONY. Just look at the PSP.It costs Much but its a Portable Monster wich had the Gameplay and the Grafics of the PS2!! Sony puts more than ever before into the Playstation. And Because Sony is doing this, it will be another Milestone.

41 - Shut up
Unregistered - Oblivion 12.05.2005 12:15
Im sick and tired of people saying that the 360 is a piece of sh*t ad isnt next gen.MS have done the smart thing by getting the console finished with all its services and good (not spectaclar) looking games by xmas.By the time the ps3 comes out next xmas(most likely) the 360 will have the same standard of graphics and 100-200 games.The ps3 will be amazing but so is the 360.

42 -
Aeroglyphics 12.05.2005 12:53
This game looks amazing. I don't have any evidence that it's really going to look this way, but then again I don't have any that it isn't. I really can't see any reason why it wouldn't be though, especially with the interview in there. I'm not a Sony fanboy but, I'm sick of wasting my time reading certain posts on here. Your uneducated, pointless post might cut it on the XBOX sites but they don't here. So don't waste mine or anyone elses time who actually want to discuss the PS3. Back on the subject, the game great and I'm sure after the show coming up everyone will get the ingame video's. Personally I think it's great they haven't released any yet. I think is helps to build the hype. Hopefully none of us are let down.

43 - Common Sense will tell you
Unregistered - DeepFreezed 12.05.2005 13:52
who in the world spend so much time developing an engines like this and not tell the world about it?

it's idiotic to assume that this is anything but CGI....

give me a break, a game that runs around 100 fps on a dev kit and we don't know when the game is going to be released? If these are real game footage then the game must be already done??

SONY got you fanboys really rapped up in this BS....

44 -
Havoc 12.05.2005 13:53
I am going to show y'all ps3 gameplay footage a month before we see at CES.

45 -
Unregistered - Evan 12.05.2005 14:17
Everyone who thinks this is realtime should really stop believing sony, im sure if microsoft showed this ud be all over them. ok now, We all know sony said this was realtime, why the hell should we believe them? they said killzone was realtime when it isnt developers even said so. Noone can make a gae in six months and have gameplay footage already... especially next gen. does ayone know how long it to make halo 2, pdz, half-life 2..

What i think playstation is doing is releasing crazy videos that will look close to the finished product because they cannot make any gameplay or show any actual trailers.. if sony didnt come up with their bull trailers we all know that xbox 360 would take all with their trailers. i believe that killzone 2 was a CGI and pre rendered but i also believe killzone will look pretty much like it as they tried to include mistakes to make it look real.. its proven. but this game on the other hand probably wont look near as good as the trailer i think they went to far on the videos.

The fact that sony is saying this is realtime is all bull.. fanboys seriosuly this isnt a religion.. it isnt a colt, its just a game console. so please stop defending it and u dont need to have faith in sony... its just a freakin company that is just looking for money along with the others. so stop defending it and put the pressure on sony so u can see what the game is actually like by asking for real gameplay footage, dont get fooled by movies.

Havoc 12.05.2005 14:24


This is gameplay footage of Mobile suit gundam for the ps3, Some of you might remember this it was posted 5 months ago. Nobody didn't really pay to much attention to it because it was in the early stages, there isn't any real coloring, partical effects, or any true details added to the game yet even the bullet effects are bland. But you guys wanted actual gameplay footage, you got it. If you look at the gameplay footage and then look at the trailer you can do a comparison and decided for yourself if the final build of the game will look like the trailer. We will see how much progress they've made next month.

Just follow the link and click on either the top right video or bottom left video, the other two are the trailers.


47 - to comment 45
Havoc 12.05.2005 14:57
We know this is not actual game play, whether or not this is supposed to be real time or not depends on when this interview was made. If he said this around the E3 time period then it's not true, but if he just made this statement recently then I'm guessing it's supposed to be realtime like the MGS4 demo, but he never said anything about real time. He said this is all ps3, So I think this comment was made back at E3 and it's probably not an ingame engine and of course it's not actual gameplay footage.

Trust me it's good that these developers have shown these trailers, now they have an expectation to live up too. What kind of developer would not try to achieve or surpass what they did in the trailer. There is a possiblility that they can fall short but you can bet that every single one of the developers are trying thier hardest not to fall short of the triailers they've shown. If you are really pushing a game to be very good then your only limited by hardware.

48 - No Shocker~~ Havoc...or... anyone
Retard 12.05.2005 15:01
When I got my 1st PS2 I bought a game called...... Smugglers Run...

Basically it used Baja Trucks, Dune buggy, NASCAR-like vehicles, Humvee....etc.

So incase... it's the same game *kind of*

Verdict; I was blown away with those graphics when I booted it the 1st time, so this should hopefully do the same. Right?

49 - I got the link
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 15:28
The link is www.controlfreaks.tv Then go to the news section and scroll down until you see a aeticle named MotorStorm Video. Watch the whole video.

50 - The right link
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 15:30
My mistake. It is www.controlfreaks.tv/

51 - The true link
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 15:32
I'm really sorry guys. The link is http://www.control-freaks.tv/

52 - Faster
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 15:37
A faster way is to click the read sign under the article. It will take you right to the website. From there go to the news section. Scroll down until you find the article that says MotorStorm video. Watch the whole video. Near to the end of the video the developer says that the footage was taken from real-time gameplay but the A.I and game logic was turned off.

53 - Mobile Suit Gundam
Unregistered - akakage 12.05.2005 16:26
I've seen that video of Gundam. It look alright back then..but wasn't mind-blowing. It right on par with everything I've seen on X360 so far. Its been 5 months since then..PS3 games should be farther along in development than what is being shown now. It was suppose to be playable at TGS in september for crying out loud. There should be a flood of Ps3 news and gameplay footage by now. I'm sorry but "real-time" videos aren't enough anymore. Armored Core for X360 and Ps3 have videos on IGN also...game looks identical on both consoles (ps3 trailer had more action in it though..lolz). Gameplay footage...Launch ish not that far away. SHOW US GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE or ShUt Up about the "power" of PS3 period! End of Discussion. LoLz.

54 - waiting
Scythe 12.05.2005 17:19
I'm sure that when we do get Gameplay it's going to be all at once. Rather then just one or two videos sony is charging up for one big blast. Lets wait for the next show that sony is at and see what they have to show. If they don't show anything at their next showing then to hell with them. Not really but that's what we should do...

55 - Thats all they have
Unregistered - DeepFreezed 12.05.2005 17:30
All they have to show is average games like "Gundam".....

so they make up stuff to keep the fanboys happy...

most games have this kind of stuff to promote the game but the actual game doesn't look anything like it....

are they really going to release a PS3? cos there are no official dates, prices, real game footage, no pre orders....

what do you guys really have officialy? some guy holding up something that look like the next get console???

56 - Gameplay
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 17:36
DId any of you guys read my post. I gave you guys a link that will answer the big question of MotorStorm. Oh yeah, the KillZone E3 trailer was sent to Axis Animation to speed up the demo. They did not create the trailer but sped it up in postproduction. The E3 trailer of KillZone was sequence using the engine. Things like collision detection, A.I, particle effects, character models, feel of gameplay, drivable vechiles, environments, and graphics(Yes the graphics shown in the trailer will be in the final game).

57 - OMFG
Unregistered - Sambo 12.05.2005 17:36
HOLY THATS REAL TIME geez i would of never beleived that video games could be so realistic i cant wait to get my hands on ps3 and that motor storm game! SONY ALL THE WAY!

58 -
Unregistered - Evan 12.05.2005 17:41
well alot of that trailer is possible... just look at pgr3 they look very similar http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/741/741362/vids_1.html

the problem is can they do it? its obviouly a cgi... but when it does come out and if it does look similar there gonna say micrsoft fans lied to u.

59 - Engine
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 17:44
So like I said it was a sequence using the engine(meaning it is not prerendered). They couldn't show full flegded gameplay because they were assigned to make a trailer for E3 unexpectably. KillZone for the PS3 has been in development since 2004. The trailer was using the engine's A.I, collision detection, particle effects, in game animations, some of the ragdolls, advanced physics( the cell SPEs are specially designed to handle highly advanced physics and A.I) environments that will be in the game, uniform(the clothes that the ISA troops are wearing and the clothes the Helghast)etc.

60 - 58
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 17:50
58 the KillZone trailer was snot CGI or prerendered. The trailer was using the game's engine but in movie form( like how Hideo Kojima said that the MGS4 trailer was using the game's engine). The MotorStorm video is compiled of scenes odf gameplay and video. For instance, when you see the car driving in a first person view, that is gameplay right there. I will even give you the link. The link is http://www.game-freaks.tv/ Then go to the news section. Scroll down until you find a article called MotorStorm video. Watch the whole thing and you will see what I am talking about

61 - Link again
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 17:53
The reason why people can't believe the MotorStorm trailer shown at E3 was gameplay is because they have never ever seen a game like it. When the PS3 launches, you guys will see the games coming out. You will see the gameplay and see what I'm talking about

62 - Its real
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 17:56
So the MotorStorm is taken from actual gameplay. The A.I and game logic were turned of for the demo.

63 - Heavenoly
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 17:59
The Heavenaly Sword trailer was using ingame graphics(meaning those are the graphics that will be in the final game). The Gundam trailer shown at E3 was prerendered.The Killing Day trailer was unedited gameplay. The actual size of the PS3 is smaller then you think

64 - PS3
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 18:06
The reason why the PS2 had bad graphics when Sony claimed it would be extremely powerful is because it was extremely hard to develop for. But this time the PS3 is much easier to develop for than the PS2. They gave the PS3 developers tools like OpenLG and CCC++ programming so they would have easy develoment.

65 - Fan
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 18:09
But not to make people think I'm a fanboy, I am getting both the XBox 360 and PS3. Why both you ask. The exclusives. There are certain exclusives that I can't live without(Exclusives like God of War for the PS2 and Ninja Gaiden of the Xbox). If I had one system I would explode

66 - Metal Gear Sons of liberty enough said...
Furious 12.05.2005 18:38
When the PS2 footage was shown for MGS2 people were floored by the visuals and some claimed the game footage was CG and not realtime footage. The game launched 12 months later and put all the critics claims to rest. I honestly believe Sony and the developer's claims regarding the PS3 footage and when the games are launched the critics once again will be put to rest...

I have extremely high expectations for next-gen I will accept nothing less than CG quality visuals. I understand it will take more time to develop better AI, Physics and new gamplay mechanics creating new Genres of games. The 360 will eventually impress and the PS3 will impress from day one. If I'm not impressed with the PS3 titles I will not make the investment and I'm sure most consumers are on the same page. Sony knows it must deliver and they have all their eggs in the PS3 basket, I guarantee the PS3 will not fail! A failure would mean Sony would no longer exist, I don't see that going down... Peace

67 - Said
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 19:13
Well said, well said.

68 - to comment 54
Havoc 12.05.2005 19:15
yea that is the way to do it, show all the games at once. I can't believe they been this quit so far, I mean the anticipation is high, even the xbox fanboy can't wait just listen to them.

But off topic, if your a big x-men fan, they are going to be showing a trailer of the movie x-men 3 for the first time on "attack of the show", y'all should hurry up and watch it.

69 - Awesome
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 19:19
Are you serious. They are making XMen 3. When will it be released Havoc, I really want to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

70 - Remember
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 19:22
So remember the link. Its http://www.control-freaks.tv/ Go to the news section. Scroll down until you see the article MotorStorm video. Watch the whole video and you will hear the developer say that the video was taken from real time gameplay. However the A.I and game logic wa sturned

71 - My bad
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 19:23
I meant to say the A.I and the game logic was turned for the demo

72 - to comment 69
Havoc 12.05.2005 19:31
I don't throw y'all off topice but it comes out in may. Part one was good part two was way better and I know part 3 is going to be real good.

73 - Thanx
Unregistered - Someperson 12.05.2005 19:35
Thanks for the information. But one question, what year?

74 - 2006
Havoc 12.05.2005 19:48

75 - to 55
Unregistered - . 12.05.2005 20:14
thanks for wasting a couple of seconds of my life with that useless comment of yours...much appreciated

76 -
Unregistered - why 12.06.2005 00:36
Why are they just comfirming this now? Somethings fishy.

77 - Killzone not so hot.
Unregistered - who cares 12.06.2005 03:06
Anyone thinking Killzone will look as good as the trailer at E3 check (what looks to me like ingame footage) the real deal out here http://www.control-freaks.tv/

Click on search and do a search for "PS3" you should see the killzone vid in the list.

78 - TO # 77
Unregistered - MR CNN 12.06.2005 05:07
#77 where have you been, your a fool thats a trailer of the first KILLZONE for the ps2 that was released last year,so unless you have something worth talking about or you have some facts, I recommend you dont post up anything!....noob

79 - To # 78
Unregistered - who cares 12.06.2005 05:22
Why does it say "Killzone - video
Guerrilla's excellent and higly anticipated PS3 first-person-shooter." underneath the video being played then? if anyone is a noob, its the site who put the video of PS2 killzone, instead of PS3 killzone on their site.

80 -
Unregistered - Curse 12.06.2005 06:38
Don't you guys have something better to do than arguing.

81 - when the ps3 launch will all see if its true
Unregistered - Jeggae 12.06.2005 08:58
Im a big fan of xbox 360 which im plaing right now and ps3 that ill be getting when launch.

82 - #77 Well that explains it
Unregistered - DeepFreeze 12.06.2005 09:41
this site (http://www.control-freaks.tv/) does not know what the heck they are doing....

Motor Storm E3 Footage is all BS then....


83 -
PAUL CERULA 12.06.2005 10:53
I've been away for a while and....

I come back to you know at the turn of the tide. There is no promise I can believe from Sony until there's undeniable proof. And as we see even with the ps3 Sony continues to make lies about their products.

Seriously folks you have like 1 whole year until next Christmass I believe. Unless Sony is indeed going to deliver in America in the Spring. Still a good amount of time to wait.

84 - PS3 over-hyping
Unregistered - Akakage 12.06.2005 11:11
Someone claimed that sony didn't lie? Sony wasn't claiming Toy Story level CGI...Sony claimed that the PS2 was capable of rendering Toy Story in "real-time" and that in-game graphics would be at Toy Story quality. We all know it was an attempt to steal thunder away from the dreamcast and it did that. Has sony delivered on that claim? Obviously not..but Ps2 was better graphically than Dreamcast(although not all the time). Microsoft has been guilty of this too as has Nintendo. Sony just does it more often. Ps3 still needs to be proven so show us some GAMEPLAY DAGNABBIT!!!

85 -
Unregistered - anonymouse 12.06.2005 12:53
the trailers are nice to to look at but that what they are trailers not in game footage even games for xbox and ps2 trailers look good . Its a nice dream. I am not setting my hopes up to high it may just turn out to be like the xbox360

86 - I'm gone for good
Fish Man 12.06.2005 13:00
Their hasn't been any hype for the ps3 since E3 and TGS I think you guys need to get a grip on reality and enjoy the consoles you have now, and the whole reason I left this site in the first time is the flamming.

Well you guys can bicker all you want but I've decided that I'll just leave and buy the ps3/xbox 360 because of the games, last but not least good luck on your choices.


87 -
Unregistered - Curse 12.06.2005 13:22
This is old news, I don't really care about graphics anymore, well waiting until next year seems fine to me asta luego fanboys.

88 - Proof
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 13:44
I already gave proof. Go to http.www.control-freaks.tv/ Then go to the News section. Then scroll down until you find a article that says MotorStorm on PS3 video. Watch the video and the developer will say the trailer was taken from gameplay but the A.I and game logic was turned off.

89 - Actual
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 13:45
My bad, the website is http://www.control-freaks.tv/

90 - TO 64
Unregistered - Oblivion 12.06.2005 13:59
What planet are you on.The ps3 has a lot of potential and is really powerful.BUT the ps3 is so hard to develop for that most developers wont be able to use its power fully.Thats why the 360 is the prefered choice for developers.Why do you think we've seen so little if any gameplay footage.By the way im not an MS fanboy im getting both consoles.

91 -
Unregistered - Damn Man 12.06.2005 14:14
Damn MS is getting sued by some guy in chicago over one of the defective consoles that overheated thats a damn shame.

92 -
Unregistered - Damn Man 12.06.2005 14:18
I'm not a fanboy if that's what you guys are thinking, I think it's better to get both consoles later.

93 - To 90
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 14:21
The Playstation 3 is easy to develop for. You no why, they were able to make a MGS4 trailer with high quality graphics in a few months. It is easier to develop for than the PS2. The PS2 used a completely different architectural design from what developers were used to to. Sony noticed this and tried to find ways of how to make the Playstation 3 easy to develop for. Ninja Theoery, a extremely small company who does not have that much experience in programming are happy with the tools. Even the MotorStorm CEO said it was a great tools now.

94 - Before
Unregistered - Someporson 12.06.2005 14:23
Plus, before the MTV special, the XBox 360 only had videos as well. Plus the Playstation 3 is not losing developer support because it has announced over 100 games and it is a year fom release. The XBox 360 only had a few games announced when there was very little information on it.

95 -
Unregistered - anonymous 12.06.2005 14:44
this is why I will wait and see before I judge check out this sight

96 -
Unregistered - none 12.06.2005 14:51
look here http://www.joystiq.com/entry/1234000767058544

97 -
Maahes 12.06.2005 14:58
If this is true...Bravo, sony. Bravo.

98 - -- Deleted by Mod --
Unregistered - PS3FANBOY 12.06.2005 14:59
-- Deleted by Mod --

99 -
Unregistered - Pacco 12.06.2005 15:10
WOW! ea said it would look even better when it was done just goes to show cant trust what they say. i am now convinced that none of what sony showed at e3 will be acutual game play

100 - To #84
Unregistered - Karibu 12.06.2005 15:12
Sony didn't say nothing like that, if tehy did, geime a link.

Only onetime they had said something related to Toy Story.
Kutaragi have said about old ps and ps2 something like "It's
like comparing South Park and Toy Story." Ofcourse some
stupid ppl get it wrong.

101 - all
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 15:13
But almost all those games are multiplatform. The hundereds of games for the PS3 that I was talking about are exclusives(japanese exclusives). All those hundered games are japanese games. So imagine the European, American, Englsnd, and other international games. Mostly all of those games are exclusives. Almost all of XBox 360's games are multiplatform.

102 -
Unregistered - JohnQ 12.06.2005 15:13
That's what I been saying all along

103 - Gameplay
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 15:17
How many times do I have to tell you people. The MotorStorm video was gameplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

104 - To #99
Unregistered - Haynes 12.06.2005 15:17
I totally agree

105 -
Unregistered - Nick 12.06.2005 15:23
what a dissappointment. its all marketing. well their not getting my money until I see the proof

106 - to #103
Unregistered - Rob 12.06.2005 15:32
EA said it was in game footage to I think you should check that link from #96

107 -
Unregistered - pshizle360 12.06.2005 15:58
not real gameplay give me the full link pls!

108 -
Unregistered - Alan Wake 12.06.2005 16:07
I don't know what some of you guys are talking about Koei Canada is one of the new emerging game developers, how come their not complaining about the ps3 I mean they have no long term experience.

109 - To 107
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 16:12
The link is http://www.control-freaks.tv/ Go to the news section. Scroll down until you find news tate says MotorStorm video. Watch the video and the developer is going to say the MotorStorm video was taken from gameplay but the A.I and game logic was turned off

110 - Target
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 16:14
EA said the Madden trailer was a target trailer. Meaning that they were trying to make a game with similar graohics to the trailer. They never said those graphics would be in the game but they said they are trying to make a football game with those graphics

111 - To 108
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 16:15
That is what I have been trying to say all along. The PS3 is easy to develop for. It is a normal environment. Well said 108, well said

112 -
Unregistered - Rob 12.06.2005 16:17
you may have to press <refresh> when you get there .it just prooves what they say and the end product may be two different things its all there. enough said

113 -
Unregistered - Alan Wake 12.06.2005 16:19
So that interview is on control freaks well guess I'll have to check it out.

114 -
Unregistered - Rasta 12.06.2005 16:32
dont you people learn from the past what makes you think this time will be different your just setting your self up for dissapointment

115 -
Unregistered - Jimbo 12.06.2005 16:49
AI and game logic was turned off so they can improve the graphics therefore not actual in game footage. dev kit or not. like someone said earlier smells fishy

116 - to #114
Unregistered - Dan 12.06.2005 16:54
Sounds like a trailer to me

117 -
Unregistered - Alan Wake 12.06.2005 16:58
I don't care about graphics, I just want great gameplay seriously why do I need better graphics in the first place if game developers don't work hard to make great gameplay that's a disappointment.

118 -
Unregistered - Alan Wake 12.06.2005 17:13
The whole reason I'm looking forward to the next gen consoles is the gameplay.

119 -
Havoc 12.06.2005 17:32
The Motor Storm trailer was not actual gamplay nor realtime, we will leave it at that. Just expect the first couple of games to be a little bit more polished than the 360's and don't expect the games to come out exactly like the trailers because they're scripted and everything just looks so much better in a trailer. If they surprise us with gameplay that plays out like the trailers than thats good. I can gurantee you it's going to be special when they show off the games all at once especially since they've had more time to work on them.

120 - What the fu
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 17:38
The developer(keyword developer) said the MotorStorm trailer was actual gaempaly! The developer! That means it is actual gameplay if a developer says something is gameplay. you are just ignorant because you don't want to believe it. Ypu don't want to beleive that the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 will provide gameplay that will blow us away

121 - Link
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 17:40
I even gave you a link to prove my information. Go to http://www.control-freaks.tv/ Go to the news section. Go to the article that says MotorStorm video. Watch the whole video and the developer is going to talk with a Australian language and say that is the PS3. Then he is going to say it was taken from actual gamepaly, but the A.I and game logic was turned off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

122 -
Unregistered - Alan Wake 12.06.2005 17:46
Just relax "SomePerson" it doesn't really matter if some of the games look like the trailers the whole reason why it's worth buying games in the first place is the gameplay value.

123 -
Unregistered - Pro 12.06.2005 17:51
Their's no point trying to convince people who don't want to listen.

124 - To Alan Wake
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 18:09
Its just that I gave so many people the link that proves that the MotorStorm video was actual gameplay. But I decided just to wait until Sony makea the Playstation 3 playable so peolpe will see that the MotorStorm video was actual gameplay and the Playstation 3 can provide advanced gameplay

125 - to comment 120
Havoc 12.06.2005 18:29
Yes I saw the interview I heard him say this is all ps3. But when is the date that the interview was made, probably around the same time of E3 when they said killzone was realtime gameplay footage but it wasn't. If it had to be anything it would be rendered in realtime like the MGS4 trailer, but it's not gameplay footage. Don't take me as a MS fanboy, I love Sony to death but given that they were probably overwelmed at the responses they got from the crowd and at E3, they didn't want to lose the hype they had by telling them it was not gameplay footage. But now everyone knows that they are not gamplay footages. If you can proove to me that this interview was made outside of the E3 hype than I could belive it.

But trust me given that it is a racing game and the hardware they got, they should be able to get the game to look like the trailer graphically. It's going to be a great game none the less.

126 -
Unregistered - Wb 12.06.2005 18:41
I just watched that video again. the way it is presented looks like a trailer it reminds me of killzone2 or mg4 . I know the games wont look like that but if they look as half as good, with good game play I will be happy might have to wait until ps4 or ps5 for graphics that good.

127 - Developer
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 18:46
But Havoc, that is the developer of MotorStorm and CEO of Evolution Studio. He said it was all the PS3. If it was a Sony rep, then I would think it was fake but it was a developer. So he was not responding to the hype. But if it was a Sony rep, then that Sony rep would be responding to the hype. But that is not a Sony rep, but a developer of MotorStorm.

128 - Even
Unregistered - Somepreson 12.06.2005 18:49
Even near to the end of the interview, he says it is taken from gameplay(keyword gameplay) but the A.I and game logc was turned off for the demo(I am tired of saying over and over again).

129 - To Havoc
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 18:53
But it doesn;t matter because it is your opinion and I can't change that. If it does turn out to be CGI then boo Sony. But if it does turn out to be gameplay, then yeah to Sony. But anyway, the only thing that matters is right now is the XMen 3 release in May, 2006 which will rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

130 - -- Deleted by Mod --
Patrick 12.06.2005 18:56
-- Deleted by Mod --

131 -
Unregistered - Ramone 12.06.2005 18:57
the ps3 gpu is a little more faster then the Nvidia 7800 gtx my friend just bought that card. In the game fear with every thing turn on the frame rates drop dramaticly and this game doesn't even come close to that motor storm video its a little hard to beleive

132 -
Patrick 12.06.2005 18:57
By the way, the X-Men 3 trailer is at www.quicktime.com

133 -
Unregistered - Derek 12.06.2005 19:01
The trailer did seem to be mostly cut scenes but it also did appear to have real game play mixed in.

134 -
Unregistered - likeitis 12.06.2005 19:12
I saw the 360 in action was not impressed I dont think sony will be much better. its all hype and in the end its just another machine collecting dust because the people who market these products have convined you that you must have it. when it comes out and if the games are good then buy it but if you are going to base your dicision on those trailers then thats sad that like buying a book because you like the cover

135 -
Unregistered - Lisa 12.06.2005 19:38
found this article on next gen consoles its a good read
it all makes now!

136 - Crazy stuff for XBOX360 See why
Unregistered - Wow Guys 12.06.2005 20:09
Seems someone is fed up with there Xbox 360 and are sueing Mircosoft for a flawed design in order to gain the lead on its competion..

He's sueing to pull X360 off the shevles and more.

i doubt he'll win... but he might.

137 - Hey PS3 fan
Unregistered - Business man 12.06.2005 20:33
Microsoft is a huge corporation that can most likely win this case. Chance are pretty slim for that guy.

138 - Hey PS3 fan
Unregistered - Business man 12.06.2005 20:35
Microsoft is a huge corporation that can most likely win this case. Chances are pretty slim for that guy.

139 - to comment 129
Havoc 12.06.2005 22:30
If the trailer is CG that doesn't mean you have to boo Sony, it's just a trailer. we already know the graphics are going to be pretty on the ps3 just look at MGS4 which uses the in-game engine for the trailer. If the Motor Storm trailer is CG you don't have to boo Sony the games will still look good.

140 - To Havoc
Unregistered - Someperson 12.06.2005 23:16
I know but I was replaying to your post before I said boo Sony. I was just saying that I will be very angry if the MotorStorm video does not turn out like the E3 video because a developer said it was taken from actual gameplay but the A,I and game logic was turned off for the demo. Oh and one question Havoc, will XMen 3 be a end to the franchise or will it be a continuation of XMen 2 ?

141 -
Havoc 12.07.2005 01:18
I don't know if this will be the last movie for x-men, but I don't think it will be the last, because there are so many stories to tell from the x-men series, such as the one with Apocalypse. It's kind of like WWII games, you can make so many games based on that war.

142 - Lmao...
Truth 12.07.2005 02:14
I like how #17 copy and pasted the second part of his post from the comments section of the article to make himself sound smart. Nice.

Anyways, I believe the PS3 is capable on better visuals than the XBOX 360. Do I know this for a fact? No. However, developers have consistantly pulled significantly better visuals on Sony hardware than what was first though possible. While the visuals of Motorstorm may not be shown off in first generation titles I certainly think it will be achievable.

The MGS4 footage is all that needs to be said to drive this point home.

143 - Bah.
Truth 12.07.2005 02:17
Nevermind, I spoke to the guy and he admitted to stealing it from Furious. Dirty bastard.

Unregistered - GAME FAN 12.07.2005 02:19
My advice to everyone is wait and play both systems and then make the decision. Also neither of these consoles are going to even come close to computer games in 2006. If u look at the computer games now they are crazy and now with better technology more pc games are going to make either ps3/xbox360 look like garbage. I will buy the ps3 for the highdef gaming and backward compatiblity. I personnally think neither system is superior to the other.

145 - hope it's true
Unregistered - stan45 12.07.2005 06:16
Hello everyone, hope this video is true !! It would be really great to play a game like this !!!!

146 - to comment 144
Havoc 12.07.2005 07:49
Both 360 and ps3 will be highly capable of pc graphics, they've already said quake 4 ran better on the 360 than the pc. Plus there is Half life 2 running on this gen xbox even though it's not as pretty as the pc version.

147 - To Someperson
Unregistered - Oblivion 12.07.2005 07:53
I agree that the ps3 is probably easier 2 develop for than the ps2.BUT it is hard to develop for.SONY admited that it wouldnt be easy but would ensure high quality games.I thnk is hard because of the 7 processers.2 are big but the rest are small.This is what is causing the problems.IM not just making this up.The devloper behind DOOM said it as well and he is one of the most respected developers of all time.He said that the ps3 might just edge the 360 graphocally and speed wise BUT that the 360 was more developer friendly.I tink this news was poted on this sight before it was updated.
Whats up with te lck of news on this sight?

148 - to comment 147
Havoc 12.07.2005 08:08
yea he did say that but he said the difference won't be like the ps2 and xbox

When asked about the differences in platforms, Carmack noted that there's less of a distinction between developing for the next-gen consoles as there is for this generation. The difference between the Xbox and the PS2 was massive, but going back and forth between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 looks to be less of a problem. (Although still difficult.)

go to comment 135 for the link to this artical.

149 -
Unregistered - dave 12.07.2005 08:48
i think this is the start up movie for the game.

150 - to 149
Unregistered - Oblivon 12.07.2005 08:56
your probably right

151 - to 149
Unregistered - Oblivon 12.07.2005 08:56
your probably right

152 - To Havoc
Unregistered - Oblivion 12.07.2005 09:00
Im a regular on this site and the 360 site.Didnt you use to post on the 360 version of this site regularly a while back.

Unregistered - Ben-N1ce 12.07.2005 11:16
Umm your totally wrong regarding Quake 4. The 360 version ran alot worse than the PC version. Do your research before making such claims. That's a fact. Read any review and they will say the PC version ran better. Nice try though.

154 - To Oblivion
Unregistered - Someperson 12.07.2005 15:18
That was my point. The PS3 is easier to develop for than the PS2 but still quiet difficuly(but not to the extent of the PS2) but Sony is trying there best to make it developer friendly. Even EPic games thinks it is a normal environment. But anyway, any new console is hard to develop for at first.

155 - to comment 153
Havoc 12.07.2005 16:28
I always have resources when I post, I was watching a t.v show when they said the 360 version ran smoother but I don't know why they said that. Your right though Gamespot said it was rushed out to make the holiday deadlines and thats why it had framerate problems. Doom 3 ran better on xbox then Quake did on the 360 so you know they rushed Quake 4. But back to your comment when you said "Also neither of these consoles are going to even come close to computer games in 2006. If u look at the computer games now they are crazy and now with better technology more pc games are going to make either ps3/xbox360 look like garbage" Everybody knows that ps3 and xbox 360 is as powerful or more powerful than a pc. You probably can't see it because you look at some of the 360 luanch games and you think the pc blows it out the water but the games will look better when they take thier time on the games. Of course the pc will eventually start to look better than the two consoles but for a high price. Basically what I am saying is that consoles are going to whoop more pc butt than ever before.

156 - to comment 152
Havoc 12.07.2005 16:32
nope it wasn't me.

157 -
Unregistered - Derek 12.07.2005 17:00
This is a load of crap...
All this is a lie. If its real, y dosent sony prove it? Im sure sony would quick to prove it if it was.
Its simple. Sony invested tons of $ into the PS3, as well as bu-ray and microsoft beat them to the punchline. Sony basically screwed them self. But thier not dumb and they know that they need to convince people that the PS3 is way better than the 360 if they want people to wait another few months for it.
No doubt the PS3 will be great, and probably a lil better than 360, but not that much better.
To all the PS3 fanboys, STFU. This isnt something sent to earth by god... its just a freakin game console, a computer. And sony is just another big company out to get your money, and theyll do whatever it takes to get it.

(im not an Xbox or PS fan, im neutral)

158 - Killzone trailer was CG....
Unregistered - Akakage 12.07.2005 18:11
Someone posted that the Killzone trailer wasn't CG but using the actual game engine. The head of guerilla games said that the trailer wasn't realtime or gameplay. Plus those were scripted events..you don't need or use AI in a scripted trailer. Its like a fight-scene in a movie...its scripted each person knows what move is gonna be thrown at what time so that they can react accordingly. In the UFC where they are fighting in "real-time" both fighter have to think and react to what each other are doing on the fly because they don't know what's gonna happen next. The Killzone video was just a movie to give fans an idea of what they are gonna attempt to do in the next Killzone game..that comes from the horses mouth, from the head man at guerilla. Will the game look good...most definitely..but that trailer was CG-prerendered. The head man at guerilla said so...and I believe him.

159 - Killzone was CGI here is the proof
Unregistered - Akakage 12.07.2005 18:14
Arjan Brussee, Development Director of Guerilla Games wrote:


Thank you for you email. I am glad to see that you are looking into the matter at hand rather than making false judgements. The video shown at E3 was not in real time. It was a CGI demo sped up from 5 FPS as you said. The development team did this because we could not make a demo of that calibur at 30-60 FPS on the hardware we had at the time. Now however, the team is working the game on PS3 alpha kits, and it is looking just as impressive as the demo, at 30 FPS. The game is still in the very early stages of development, and I expect that it will release with visuals that are just as impressive as those in the E3 demo. We are planning on showing in game footage before too long, and we can't wait to see the public's reaction to it.

Arjan Brussee


The proof is in the PUDDING. That's it...matter closed it was CGI!!!!

160 -
Unregistered - PS3 Fan 12.07.2005 18:54
Funny how people can trash Sony here but dont dare do the same to MS or you get deleted. Must be run by Bill Gates, Wont be talking here anymore, there are other sites that are much better. And you can even curse at Sony fans as long as you abreviate it and most of the time you dont even have to do that. This is turning quickly into an Xbox site. I'm disappointed.

161 - Nope
Unregistered - Someperson 12.07.2005 19:22
Actually, Guerilla said that never originated from there office. That new is old. Guerrilla said that there was never infromation leaving there office. Now let me clear up some twisted things. Its true that Guerilla sent there work to Axis Animation, but Axis Animation only sped up the demo, they did not create it. the video was a engine video. Meaning, that it was using the games engine such as things like A.I, physics, collision detection, particle effects, effects, cloth simulation, dynamic lighting, character models, and animations in characters

162 - Flaming
Unregistered - Someperson 12.07.2005 19:34
I know in like five minutes, XBox fanboys are going to flame the sh*t out of me and call me things like faggot and sh*t head. But I expect this because it is my opinion. But the true answer will be revealed when they finally make the PS3 playable

163 - Flame
Unregistered - Someeperson 12.07.2005 19:40
I know in about five minutes, XBox fanboys are going to flame the sh*t out of me. They are going to insult me and call me stupid fanboy. However, I expect this because XBox fanboys insult anyone who does not say what they want to here like the XBox 360 is weaker than the PS3. If you were to say that on a forum, XBox fanboys will come running to that forum and insult the sh*t out of anyone. But anyway, we will find out the truth when Sony makes the Playstation 3 playable

164 -
Unregistered - cableguy 12.07.2005 19:46
I will believe it when I see it. This is all talk nobody knows what the end result will be. What i do know is kill zone2 and Motor storm shown at E3 were trailers you can try to word it how ever you want. ai on ai off dev kit to slow what ever it was still a trailer period.most developers said that the 360 and sony are very close power wise so if you want to know how the ps3 is going to look just look at the 360 besides most games will be designed for the slowest machine anyways. By next year this time the pc will have passed both the ps3 and the 360.

165 -
Unregistered - Strife 12.07.2005 19:48
well said

166 - Yes
Unregistered - Somepersonm 12.07.2005 19:56
Yes it does. the f**ken developer said it was gameplay but A,I and Game logic was turned off. That equals gameplay. Games can stiill run without A.I but the enemies will not think for themselves but instead act stupid or just stand there. But like I said, I can't wait to see the look on XBox fans's face when they make MotorStorm playable. They will see it was all real. I will give you a link if you don't believe me. Haven't you noticed in the demo they just drive but are agressive towards the drivers.

167 - My bad
Unregistered - Someperson 12.07.2005 19:58
I meant tosay the driver's are not agressive towards the main character but the other chaarctes(main driver means the person controlling the car)

168 -
Unregistered - Cableguy 12.07.2005 20:04
Sorry Someperson but it was just a trailer its ok I am sure the games will still be good when their finishished with AI and logic turned on.until I see a guy with a controller in his hand playing the actual game the rest means nothing to me. if you want to believe it fine but please give the rest of us credit

169 - Whatever
Unregistered - Someperson 12.07.2005 20:41
Well thats your opinion so it really doesn't matter now. Well anyway the XBox 360 and PS3 rock!!!!!!!!

170 - It's crap
Unregistered - Daniel 12.08.2005 00:13
The worst game in the world with normal graphics.

171 -
Unregistered - Chuck 12.08.2005 07:49
The pc will kick both their a$ . But then again may be not the ps3 controller looks like it can do some damage. nintendo will rule long live the mighty gamecube

172 - oh really?...when did guerilla say that?
Unregistered - Akakage 12.08.2005 10:34
Do you have an article proving the claim that Guerilla didn't make that statement about Killzone 2 video? I was at E3 and the same statement I showed you was also what was being said on the show floor..during the Wednesday - Friday exhibitions from vendors. So I'm more incline to believe what I heard and saw at E3 then anything else. Seeing as how the kits were just getting to developers at that time its stupid to think that the video was showing actual gameplay. They may have had parts of the engine done...as I'm sure the Killzone 2 engine will be the same as the Killzone 1 engine with upgrades. But that was a pre-rendered (meaning not real-time) CGI trailer. There were no PS3 kits or systems at E3. Makes it a lil impossible to run a real-time trailer on a PS3..when it wasn't there at all. In sony's booth after that 45 minute wait..they took us in to see the PS3 tech demo video. They showed rubber-duckies and a "real-time" render of Alfred Molina's head from Spiderman 2. The head of Alfred Molina looked very impressive..and it looked real-time as you could see the anti-aliasing being done on in real time. While it still didn't look as good as the pre-rendered ones in the Spiderman 2 movie, it was very impressive as it looked very close to the real thing. So it is much harder for me to believe that a video for Killzone running it "real-time" with all those effects and everything done in that video looked more impressive than a single head rendered for the sole purpose of demonstrating the power of the system. All the resources in that render were allocated to making that head look as life-like as possible..its utterly-ridiculous to believe that with the resources spread out to render that trailer with all those effects will surpass that tech demo of Alfred's head. Secondly and more importantly...the RSX wasn't complete while E3 was going on. PS3 beta-kits are the first ones with the RSX card. So that means all the demos at E3 were running on current-gen card at that time. Given the graphical prowess of the GPU's available at that time...its utterly ridiculous to believe that those cards are capable of making a real-time in-game video that good, yet they can't do that level of quality on current pc systems. Come on peeps...gimme a break

173 -
Unregistered - Cableguy 12.08.2005 12:41
finaly some one with common sense well said but I think you might of upset Someperson I think he works for sony

174 - ???
Unregistered - neser 12.08.2005 14:48
The Killzone 2 presentation was rendered using two Geforce 6800 ultras in SLI, as the RSX was not finished at that time! and it was running on the so called Alpha dev. PS3 kits!!!

175 - lolz Cableguy
Unregistered - Akakage 12.08.2005 14:51
I'm not trying to upset anyone...I'm just looking for the truth as everyone else here is...or at least should be. I'm very interested in seeing what the PS3 can really do..but I know this motor storm and killzone 2 video isn't it..because they weren't gameplay. I especially hope to see some DMC4 gameplay footage really soon!!! I really want to see some Ninja Gaiden 2 footage also...That was probably the greastest action game on any console in recent years. It was that good. I'm still playing Ninja Gaiden(Black) even now..that game just doesn't get old, extremely difficult especially on masterninja difficulty but not old. Can you guys imagine games like Ninja Gaiden, Prince of Persia, God of War on the X360 and PS3?? I'm more interested in gameplay than I am in "real-time" cgi videos. Motor Storm and all the other "vaporware" called PS3 games need to materialze with some actual gameplay footage!!!!

176 - Not
Unregistered - Someperson 12.08.2005 15:19
I do not work for Sony. But anyway, if KillZone does turn out be like the trailer(realtime or not ) then it will sell the PS3 like hotcakes. But anyway, just relax people. I just gave up argueing because it is pointless to waste hours upon hours of argueing whether the KillZone video was real or not. Just wait until the system comes out and find out. if I were to work for Sony, I would probably get fired on the first day. Oh yeah, XBox 360 and PS3 rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

177 -
PAUL CERULA 12.09.2005 01:15
I've been delayed for a while and....

I come back to you know at the turn of the tide. There is no promise I can believe from Sony until there's undeniable proof. And as we see even with the ps3 Sony continues to make lies about their products.

Seriously folks you have like 1 whole year until next Christmass I believe. Unless Sony is indeed going to deliver in America in the Spring. Still a good amount of time to wait.

178 - Anyone who says the PS3 won't be sick....
Unregistered - Ben-N1ce 12.09.2005 03:34
Read this article. It the Unreal developers talking about Unreal 2007 on the PS3. The PS3 is defintely going to be powerful


Nuff Said

179 -
Unregistered - Cableguy 12.09.2005 12:45
YAWN! This is getting tiresome when its on desplay at best buy let me know.

180 -
Unregistered - Cableguy 12.09.2005 12:48
sorry <display>

181 -
Chronocom 12.11.2005 16:08
I belive that the playstation 3 can put out that much power and exced x flop 360's gaphics and gameplay.

182 - Believe the hype
Unregistered - Chris 12.12.2005 07:21
What are people going to say when this game is released and if it does look as good as this, because it could and proably will, i think all the can't be done remarks are mainly from the jealous 360 fanboys, because lets face it people proably wouldn't be writing posts if they weren't fanboys of certain consols!

183 -
Unregistered - Dameon 12.12.2005 12:37
sounds like alot of people are worried about the ps3. know matter what sony will still be rich so you all can relax to launch day. Pease

184 - XBox 180
Unregistered - EnricoFermi 12.16.2005 03:05
Do you understand the fundamental limitations besides just raw processing power that the 360 is going to lack?

It is more along the lines of a traditional multiprocessor system and cannot hand out instruction threads as effectively. Yes, it can multi-thread, but it a) has less cores and b)has memory limitations that prevent the kind of performance gains that the Cell can take advantage of. Also, theoretically, and I expect to see something in the near future, a Cell system can improve performance and rendering by utilizing other Cell systems in your home (and potentially other peoples!) As an example, I could purchase extra Cell systems (not limited to just PS3's) and network them to improve the graphics quality (real time physics/anything) of games running on my PS3. The more Cell systems I add, the more realistic the graphics I can get.

Confirm this yourself by reading arstechnica and other sources.

You can't do this with a 360. It's built into the PS3.

And I don't care, John Carmack is a microsoft lacky and not even a hardware engineer.

185 - reality
Unregistered - man 12.19.2005 20:59
fatal inertia= prerendered CGI
killzone= prerendered cgi
motor storm= prerendered cgi
metal gear 4= in game scripted (was resently showcased that it would not be ported to xbox 360 because it would not do 360 justus, also was stated by the developer it could have easily been done on 360)

what you are playing the sont pride game for? to get 360 ports a year after and paying more for them as they will be in the 20$ bin for us by then.
oh, thats right the same people who lack the eye sight to see the flatness of a PRCGI clip also lack the vision of a false release date.

sony is not saying anything other than spring 2006 and real time. not what region of release (japan only) and what partyou will be seeing this footage in the game(between level 1, and level 2, or intro movie)

you want to see in game pixar graphics? well play pdz or kameo because thats exatly what it is.

I wonder if sony can out do xbox's massive developer support over 70 games more in development 7k more development kits out there, and the inventers of final fantasy (mystwalker), GTA (real time worlds), bioware, rare, so many xbox exclusives even squalre has 2 new IP's in development for 360. Also capcom has 2 new ip's lost planet, and dead raising, not to mention resident evil 5.

so, you have to ask yourself.... fall 2006 in USA for 1 million units to a 90 million fan base for 3+ months... ok once you get your ps3 in spring 2007 maybe then you can enjoy what we have had for over a year.

dont fool yourselves the EA's of the world clone port everything and with no high deff certification you will be glad xbox made them use 720p textures.

honestly PDZ in game moves better than the MGS clip did higher resolution textures also.Its ok i was planning to get my sneak fix from mgs's dady splintercell. I can care less about hideo's plans for 360 as his mgs2 sub retails for about 10.99 in usa on xbox for a reason.

186 -
Unregistered - Chris 12.21.2005 10:19
Guess what budy! yeah they could do MGS4 on the 360, but it would look utter crap in comparison to the superior ps3 and that goes for other games to!

187 -
Unregistered - unkown guy 12.21.2005 10:25
Perfect dark zero= not vey good
Project gotham racing 3= not very good
Amped 3= not very good
Gun= current gen
Tony hawks= current gen
Need for speed= crap on all formats

I must say this is a great showcase for the xbox 360!

188 - Stop
Unregistered - Someperson 12.21.2005 20:49
I know his thread is going to turn into another flame war

189 - Don't know
Unregistered - Someperson 12.21.2005 20:53
The MotorStorm was actual gameplay but the A.I and game logic was turned off. Proof. www.control-freaks.tv/ Go to the news section, go to the the part that says MotorStrom video. Then watch the whole thing. Listen to every single word. Then you will see what I am talking about

190 - ps3 will rule!
Unregistered - ps24life 12.22.2005 13:34
this is real! listened to the clip at control-freaks.tv. i can't wait for the ps3! and for the 360 lovers out there. YES! these graphics can be duplicated on the 360....but a what expense. who really wants to play one game that has 3-6 discs on the 360, when they can play the same game on the ps3 with one disc. M$ screwed themselves by not installing a next gen dvd drive in the 360. so if you 360 lovers really want graphics like this...get ready for MULTI DISC GAMING!

191 - Yes
Unregistered - Someperson 12.23.2005 18:48
Finall y a person who actually listened to me and watche dthe video. Amazing right. It was not prerendered. The developer even said that the tools are great now. This can be run on the XBox 360 but not to the level of the PS3 version. But anyway, thank you for watching the video. Fianll a person who actually listened

192 -
Unregistered - dont care 12.24.2005 13:26
@190, umm who cares, aslong as xbox 360 will have killer games, it could 10 discs, dont care!!!!!

193 -
Unregistered - dont care 12.24.2005 13:27
@190, umm who cares, aslong as xbox 360 will have killer games, it could have 10 discs, dont care!!!!!

194 -
Unregistered - Carl 12.25.2005 12:13
that video is prerendered end of story sony emotion I mean cell chip does not have enough power period

195 - What
Unregistered - Someperson 01.01.2006 13:32
Prove that it is prerendered oh you yeah, you can't.

196 - To other
Unregistered - Someperson 01.01.2006 13:33
Oh and the XBox fanboys who just posted, haters owned

197 - update E3 2006
Unregistered - Mangamaniac 05.12.2006 04:35
So did you see the ACTUAL REALTIME gameplay video from Motorstorm at E3 2006? That guy blatantly lied about the trailer being realtime.

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