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Grand Theft Auto 4 for PS3 Show Sex Scenes
21 Sep 2005 10:17 | Webmaster | Playstation 3
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Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar are once again putting themselves in the headlines. According to Theinquirer.net a number of "leaked" screenshots for the next GTA game show what appear to be sex scenes in the game.

Update: The screens now seems to be fake

Just last week Miami anti-videogames crusader Jack Thompson has been complaining of attacks on his character by the company, and this week Rockstar has been stirring it up concerning their upcoming PlayStation 3 outing for the series.

A number of "leaked" screenshots for the next GTA game show what appear to be sex scenes in the game. For anyone who has been under a rock for the last three months, hidden sex mini-games are what set off the entire Hot Coffeegate scandal which saw everyone from nutjobs to Hillary Clinton weighing in on the anti-videogames racket.

Now Rockstar is stirring it up via said leaked images which may see us getting sex as standard with the next GTA game.

Full story at Theinquirer.net

Note: The pic in this article is just some random pic

Read & Add Comments (31)
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