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Sony Dead Serious About "PS3 Live"
01 Feb 2006 07:06 | Webmaster | Playstation 3
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According to several developers who have spoken to The Official Playstation Magazine, Sony is working on a unified online service much like Microsoft ‘s highly successful Xbox Live. The article claims that U.S. developers have received final PS3 development kits and they have already met with Sony in order to make their games compatible with the new online service.

“Sony is dead serious about it” a developer who wants to remain anonymous told PSM. “They’ve declared a ‘full assault’ on the latest version of Xbox Live. They are committed to matching Xbox Live feature for feature and then some”

If the PSM article is to be believed, not only will this new online service be forPS3 games, but also include PSP as well as other home entertainment activities. “Think one, big PlayStation network”.

Source: PSM

Read & Add Comments (178)
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