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Funny Ken Kutaragi Quotes
19 Jul 2005 07:38 | Dusty | Playstation 3

Ken Kutaragi can’t seem to shut up about the PS3. Not that it would be strange for Ken to talk PS3 being the mastermind behind the Playstation brand and all, it’s more the things that he says that seem to puzzle gamers everywhere. Ken Kutaragi feels he needs to further confuse us and has now made some interesting comments about the Cell processor. Before we get into that here are some classic Ken Kutaragi quotes.

“The PS3 is not a game machine “

“Beating us for a short moment is like accidentally winning a point from a Shihan (Karate master), and Microsoft is still not a black belt. Just like with their operating systems, they might come out with something good around the third generation of their release.”

“I believe we made the most beautiful thing in the world. Nobody would criticize a renowned architect’s blueprint that the position of a gate is wrong. It’s the same as that.”

“Microsoft shoots for the moon. Sony shoots for the sun.”

"This time, Microsoft has stated clearly that it is going after PlayStation. However, they're going not after the PlayStation 3, but the PlayStation 2. They were looking at 2, and that's why Xbox 360 became like that."

“With the PS3, our intentions have been to create a machine with supercomputer calculation capabilities for home entertainment.”

PS3 is “for consumers to think to themselves ‘I will work more hours to buy one’. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else.”

“The PS3 will instill discipline in our children and adults alike. Everyone will know discipline.”

“Microsoft is trailing behind us, but they are not a threat. They are good at improving [on products], but we will be advancing to the next level with revolutionary technology.”

“We’re not going to equip the PS3 with a HDD by default, because no matter how much capacity we put in it, it won’t be enough.”

Ken Kutaragi has now once again commented on how he views the launch of the PS3 and what the PS3 really is, though am starting to suspect that even Sony doesn’t know what the PS3 is about anymore. Speaking in an interview with Electronic Engineering Times Asia, Ken Kutaragi said of the PlayStation 3, “Though sold as a game console, what will in fact enter the home is a Cell-based computer.”

He continued, “The model image for the Cell-based network may be the Internet: servers around the world form one virtual 'computer,' and each PC accesses it. Application programs can no longer directly access the hardware; instead they will have to be written in high-level, object-oriented language. The Cell processor will completely change the concept of programming. I am sure that a technology revolution is about to occur, not only within Sony but throughout the digital consumer electronics industry.”

His most interesting comment was maybe this one “If processors of high performance and wide bandwidth like the Cell were linked together without sufficient security, a worldwide system crash could occur with one attack.”

He has already been compared to Comical Ali (Former Iraqi Information Minister), and I can already hear it “there is no xbox”. But despite all the people criticizing him for his craziness I can’t help to like the guy more and more. I have always liked people with a “colorful personality”, and Ken seems to have nicked the whole f*****g rainbow.


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1 - Go Ken!
Unregistered - Vonka 07.21.2005 04:50
Ken Kutaragi is funny as hell, I like him too :)

2 - lol
Unregistered - KHgamer17 07.23.2005 23:33
Ken, you crazy crazy man. I dont care how nuts he is so long as his people pump out a good system. Luv ya, Ken.

3 -
Unregistered - jigga 07.25.2005 18:55
that man is a loser xbox 360 will wip ps3 ass xbox knows how to create a real gaming experience ps3 is just second best

4 -
Unregistered - Cicca 07.26.2005 08:30
Good to see that Jigga got som irony here...

5 - lol....
Unregistered - josh 07.27.2005 05:25
yea... you got it... Xbox knows how to make a better system... LOL HAHAHAHAHA... (try learning who makes the system before making a comment... last time I checked... Microcrap made it... not Xbox.)

PS3 will be the best home entertainment system on the earth for the next 5 years.

6 -
Unregistered - krazy 07.27.2005 18:03
xbox360 kicks ass and the ps3 sucks ass

7 - Ps3 simply the best
Unregistered - Fabrice 08.05.2005 18:54
the Ps3 is the best. The more i see yhis man talkin, the more i like him.
XboX360 really suckssss....Ps3 is gonna be far better with graphics, memory and.....
Live la Playstation Trois

8 - you people...
Unregistered - ryan 08.09.2005 15:05
you guys will never learn.. PS3 will win the next gen console battle!!!! 360 doesnt have a chance lol no one is talking about the nintendo revoultion

9 - You ps people are too funny.
Unregistered - BlindMaphisto 08.14.2005 00:49
You ps fanboys are just too funny. If you guys bent over for Ken any further you would break your back.

I've seen the stats of both systems and ps3 is not a hundred bucks better than xbox 360. They have just fooled you into thinking that paying for there 7 years of research on the cell is getting you some kind of super computer. I've only a playstation, a playstation 2 but I'm not going to bother with the garbage that is ps3.

10 - PS3=Crap
Unregistered - Mike 08.14.2005 02:43
Even if the PS3 is a little bit more powerful than the 360, where are all of their good games?? Do they have Gears of War, PGR3, Huxly, Halo3, Oblivion, DOA4, or any of the other great games coming out for the 360? I haven't seen one good game coming up for the PS3! Killzone 2 or 3, or whatever the hell they are gonna call it, is gonna suck as much as the first game! The preview of Killzone was CG anyways!! Not even what it will even look like! Furthermore, do I have to mention PS3 will always be second to the 360s live capabilities?

The 360 console even looks better overall! I mean, who want a Foreman grill sitting by their TV? The 360 controler will be the most comfortable controller ever, unlike the PS3s which looks like they left it up to a bunch of monkeys to design (can you say Bannana Phone!)

All in all, you don't judge which console is better on just the graphics alone! It is mostly about the games and gameplay! The 360 may be a teeny bit underpowered compared to the PS3, but its games will show everyone that the 360 is the system to own!

Lastly, I am not wasting a cent on any Sony peice of crap this generation! It is the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Revolution for me! At least Microsoft and Nintendo arent forgetting the most important part of consoles! The GAMES! Do I really want a supercomputer that can go on the internet and grill burgers? No! I want to play games!

Sorry PS3 fanboys! I will never stupe so low and let my self get brainwashed by Sony into buying another peice of worthless crap! If you are smart, you will stop listening to Kutaragi's lies and see that 360 will be the best gaming console this gen. (I swear that guy is retarded anyways....)

Let the flaming begin...

11 - Get It Straight Biches!
Unregistered - Ace 08.19.2005 00:19
First of all dissin the PS3 like that is fucked up. Yes the 360 would be a great system, and yes the revolution would offer a unquie gameplay, but never forget why the PS3 has always been on top- Sony learns from their mistakes, and they are far more popular and experience in their work of entertainment. So if you a fan and are satistfy with a console, then stay a fan, but don't hate the player (in this case Sony,MS,& Nin.) hate the game (like Mario,Killzone,Fonzamoto Sport), or what ever the fuck that it is that u hate. I on the other hand am going for all the next gens, just for there feel of gamplay, and no am not rich for all y'all cheap bastdars- cough ~Nintendo~.

12 -
Unregistered - Mintydog 09.01.2005 09:54
the xbox 360 is a pile of crap, like anything that comes form microsoft. Remember the power packs for the xbox blowing up??

PS3 will own it, even if it does come out later.

13 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.04.2005 18:07
hell yeah ps3 is comein out later but it is gona rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
and i am gonna get all 3 2

14 - tell me...
Unregistered - The potato king 09.05.2005 14:12
If u guys do have such unlimited, unquestionable knowledge, why doesn't any1 care?
Also why aren't u all working in vitally important world running organisations?
ANS: Cos ur all little sad console monkeys.

p.s. i can't wait for the PS3 to come out, then i'll be able to form an opinion about without listening to all of u.

15 - U pagans!
Unregistered - Ken Kutaragi 09.05.2005 14:16
I'll let u know this for free! When the PS3 comes out, i will rule the world. AHHAHAHAHA!!!! Metal Gear Solid stole my life, but i'm coming to take it back!

16 - DJ, kick it!
Unregistered - Pubert Head 09.05.2005 14:22
Yo, yo, yo, (fat hand throughout) i'm a bad grandma, bustin' moves that'll shock ya!

17 - XBOX360SUX
Unregistered - Elvis 09.13.2005 00:05
THe best name for xBox360sux. Ken Kutaragi got something on his mine.

18 - Fuck u Xbox 360 cuz u just hit the wriong website
Unregistered - Anonymous Gangsta 09.22.2005 13:20
Hehehe I feel sry for the Xbox fans i think they re just dreaming to beat us but they cant.I think we should help them alittle,Bill Gates is the Richest man and has the most stupid console ever,its not even better than the Nintendo.Xbox fans its the time for u to manufacture the last console and it is the Xbox360 the Bill Gay will stop wasting his freaking time with u PUNK ASS BITCHES.

19 - The truth is.......
Unregistered - Ultimate PS3 Fan 10.29.2005 13:54
The Bottomline is.........X Box 360 will SUCK and will only stress the fans 360 TIMES MORE! LOL! PS3 will TAKE OVER THE GLOBE ONCE AGAIN! Microsoft is NOT MADE for gaming......it should STICK to making OSs for PCs! as for X Box 33-6 feet! It looks like a f***in alienware binder notebook! LOL!I just think Sony should change the look of the controller that's all.....I already seen the gameplay of the Games on PS3! Fatal Intertia shows actual gameplay! It looks AMAZING! WOW! Can't wait for the once-again ULTIMATE entertainment system in the WORLD! PS3! Stress Box 3-6 feet only has Halo 3..........but Halo 2 SUCKED ASS! It should stick to PC! PS3 will have the BEST GAMES EVER! Tekken 6,FFVII-2,MGS4 and MOSTLY DMC4!!!!!!!!!!!! So Stress Box 3-6 feet fans STOP coming into us PS3 fans' forum! I guess U Stress Box fans r just WORRIED!

20 -
Unregistered - Billie 11.09.2005 10:07
Well we've got 360 dev kits and Quake IV looks like it's running on an underpowered PC and MSR sslows down with traffic and corners.

These are facts. The pad is ace, though. There are no games yet that warrent a purchase. Cameo could be on any system.

The PS3 will be awesome about three years into its life because it will take that long for people to learn how to code for it. Pixel shading technology will dump on the 360's ancient polygons. This bit is opinion, but based on knowledge.

I want Ken as my Uncle.

21 - lol xbox fans
Unregistered - don_sf 11.13.2005 21:12
i think xbox fans are just putting on a good show as if they are acting likes its good.

i played xbox 360 and boy it does not feel next generation, its just like an xbox 1 or ps2 with a little bit more horsepower.

another tiny little fact is, microsoft have lost billions on their big black box, and i think im correct in thinking that when you loose money in your product, the product is a failure???

and can someone tell me what exactly is new from xbox 360? i mean come on is written clear, xbox 360 is all ready 'old'.

ps3 has amazing graphics, blu ray which is gonna become standard (look at ps2 with dvd). lol and who saw that article where xbox 360 is following in sega dreamcast (which i remember did very wel lol).

the bottom line is that xbox is all ready looking like nothing new, its not like the graphics are going to make a difference because its not powerful enough to calculate all these real physics unlike ps3.

70% of gaming market is sony, i need an xbox fan to tell me what they are going to get out of xbox 360.

22 - PS3 RULES
Unregistered - STEVE 11.16.2005 22:46

23 - Ken is a modest, crazy, sexy, short, funny, the most intelligent man in the world (more so than bill clinton-invented xbox as AL GORE "INVENTED THE INTERNET") kind of guy!
Unregistered - buzz light year 12.01.2005 01:32
Ken is genious and seems to be really excited about the upcoming release date of his magnificant ps3 (i know its his and he would be enthousiastic about it anyway, but.. you know) and all the while keeps a great sense of humor~ not because he is nervous about the publics reaction to what will be the greatest game alive, no, no, no, not at all my friends, but because he has great confidence in it and is a shiham karate choppin master~ I bid you adue and good day. Buzz light year to the rescue.

24 - garbag eaten dirrrty ass crackaz dont kno jack!
Unregistered - lil jamal 12.01.2005 01:48
first of all, bill clinton da mudda fukin man cause i got mine fo doin nothin wile he was pres~dats wut u wite boyz dont undastan wile im out herr hustln on des streets, use playn video gamez shame on yall yall is rasis an sum nerds. get a motha fukin life lik me, Jamal Wallacei be fukn yall wite gerlz. haha bich. suck ma big black cok, cuz i need me sum reperasionz fo u slavin ma grandad. wut u gat ta sa 2 dat fuk ps3 n xbox n Ken Kutaragi is a rasis jap! fuk gamez. Lemme kno wen u c me trik!
~Jamal Wallace~ wut cola u c.. blu, bet u don't know dat set holla!

25 - Bad initial user experiences on www.xbox360sux.com
Unregistered - memarbebarbar 12.27.2005 23:42
There are some reports of Dead on Arrival xbox 360 at www.xbox360sux.com. There's also a poll there that shows a lot of people with overheating problems.

26 - PS3 PWNZ
Unregistered - Flame 12.30.2005 10:45
PS3 will beat the livin crap outta Xbox 360

27 - Move Zig, I mean Xbox 360
Unregistered - Rebecca Heineman 02.27.2006 17:40
All Your PS3 Base Are Belong To Us.

28 - Your missing the point.
Unregistered - TrueGamer 02.27.2006 19:00
Xbox360, PS3, Revolution, PC, Phantom, and whatever else to be released in the pipeline are all just the canvas for the programer to paint with. The games will make the difference between the systems, not the systems themselves. So if a game looks "super l33t pwnz0rz" it's not because it's on a better system it's because the programmer spent more time with the code for that platform. Take a look back on the dreamcast, the 1st 128but system. It's flaw was its premature release and that killed it. But the games always looked good from Sonic Team and Capcom and the like. Considering even after it's death games were still being made for the system abeit limited quanities Ikiruga)and those still looked good. Ninja Gaiden on Xbox looked amazing, MGS3 looked amazing. The best games always come out near the death of a system. Programmers finally learned the code and make games look it best for that hardware. Problem is that the market has already shifted to the "next gen." The new Systems comming out are still 128 bits. Never have you seen a marketing scheme like they days of old Sega and Nintendo. "8bit! 16bit! 32bit! 64bit! 128bit!" The three gaming powers that be can't market that angle because we haven't made a transition from the 128 platform. So my point is..the whole "xbox360 or PS3 sucks argument" is a moot point because we should be focusing on the developers and their efforts to make really good games.

29 - response to #28
Unregistered - safer from fairy 02.28.2006 15:17
nour >O

30 - True Crack Head
Unregistered - Amed 03.03.2006 17:17
Ken is a true Crack head, and i admire him for that, Sony should hire more crack heads like him especailly for public speaking..

Oh Ken wonder what speach will be given in e3 2006

31 - Mr "Black boy" (I assume)
Unregistered - AAA 03.07.2006 21:49
POST #24, what rock did you crawl out from under? First off my Grandaddy had nothing to do with slaving your Grandaddy. Second are you just stupid or are smoking crack? Please shut your mouth and try to wake the f*ck up. You dumb s*it.

32 - fnaboys
Unregistered - /\/\/\/ 03.10.2006 17:36
omg this site is filled with fanboys who know nothing. let me clear somethings up



the 360 isn't far enough in the future to be a real next-gen. as far as i can tell, same with the ps3. they are both the exact same as their predecesors but with more power. neither are bringing anything new to the market. at all. people are already realizing the xbox 360 is the same thing they've been playing for years and the ps3 will be the same. gaming will die out if they keep this up.

if you can argue, then you're a fanboy that can't see what's really going on here.

33 - both are good for us
Unregistered - tom 03.28.2006 02:01
both conosoles are gonna be awesome... obviously ps3 is gonna be better, but xbox 360 doesnt "suck" as soo many of you like to shout. its an incredible machine. ps2 is great and the 360 is better than that so its fantasic! thats all i need. and besides, we WANT competition for sony. that way they will be forced to release better technology and at quicker speed.

oh, and nov release rocks! i live in NZ (i would have gotten the console like 4months after its release in japan!) yay

34 - Your All Wrong
Unregistered - mike_sanders 03.28.2006 03:21
Look your all wrong. Who cares which console is the best. You just buy both! And the Nintendo if you want....but it I wouldnt recommend it. Unless you wanna play Super Mario for the 50th time. And both creators of the next gen are nutters. Which one would you follow; Bill Gates, or Ken Kutaragi. My bets are on Kenny with statements like that.

35 - Yea!! Go the Ken - Mister!!
Unregistered - Hamish Crocker 03.28.2006 03:56
Man this guy is the S*$T!!! i mean how could you hate a guy you can hardly undastand half the time. o well i cant wait for ps3 and the worldwide release rocks (i also live in New Zealand and im so happy i dont have to wait 5 more months). and as people have being saying xbox 360 doesnt "suck" its just not as good as the ps3 is gunna be. peace out brothers!!

36 - ps3 is better than xbox 360
Unregistered - Sulaimon Seddiqi 04.22.2006 12:54
xbox 360 can't even compare to the ps3 xbox 360 is a piece of s***.

Unregistered - OLA_MEU 04.28.2006 09:34
Fuc* that asshole.

Windoze Rules!
2 Zelchia Hmm .... yeah ok sure. FUC* THAT GUY!
3 Haywood JaBlowme i'm haywood and i approve this message.
4 Jesus H. Christ omgz
GO FUC* YOU SON OF A BIT**!!!!!!!!!!!

38 - Ken and Bill are funny
Unregistered - gamerfan 06 04.28.2006 13:00
I've heard both say funny things.

All my friends who jumped into xbox360 felt duped, suckered, and regret getting this console. Only hard-core sports fan are happy with it, means 3 or 4 peeps out of a dozen or so. Fact is YOU all bought a rushed out console. There was nothing wrong with the xbox. They just killed it to get your money

Thanks for being guenie pigs, that is why I'll wait for PS3, by the time it comes out lot of games will be ready instead of being RUSHED.

Xbox was sweet!!!! But Microsux messed up BIG TIME with the xbox360 brand. I have never heard so many disses of 360 by GASP, xbox fans. I've been too let down with it SO, next gen I'm ditching 360 and Championing for PS3.

Why you ask? SIMPLE! Stronger support for PS3 from N. American and European developers. More MMO games for PS3. Support of 360 from Japenese developers is weak. So if your stuck with 360 only, then you will have to rely games from Pc.

Developers who never made games for playstation brand are now supporting PS3, plus xbox live aint the only kid on the block,( peeps who worked on LIVE have jumped onto Sony's live service.

Last but not least , how many will spend an extra $200 to $300 for HD-DVD players thus making xbox360 cost $6oo to $700, FOOLISH!!! Remember laser diss, mini disk, betamax and useless paperweights. That also be HD-DVD too. Wanna bet.

Sure, Sony screwd up too with Ps2 HDD. At least they got it next round. Xbox360 failure in JAPAN, cause when xbox was new and mysterious from well known Microsoft people jumped in. Now everyone learned their lesson. That's why PS3 will rule. Sorry Microsux, you just lost another loyal fan!

39 - Lawl
Unregistered - Lawl 05.15.2006 10:03
After reading the above post, which was obviously pre-E306, it makes me laugh seeing just how off base he is. Especially the part about the 200-300 dollar HD-DVD.

I lawled. A lot.

40 - Riiight Ken...
Unregistered - C. Hunne. 05.15.2006 14:26
...But you still have to RELEASE THE MACHINE. Looks like 2007 to me...

41 - to all ps3 fangirls
Unregistered - hardman 06.02.2006 12:59
where is this ps3 picece,of crap.you ps3 fangirls don,t know s@it,360 has the better grathics better games,better online service,than that empty shell of japanese crap of a console which is the ps3.SO SHUT THE F@CK UP YOU PS3 FANGIRLS,you know the 360 is best and will kick arse with that empty ps3.

42 - the shame...
Unregistered - seedarippa 06.10.2006 03:06
it shames me to see the level of illiteracy on these posts...goto frigging school!! lmfao..ps3+=xbox360-

43 - Nintendo owns
Unregistered - Mario 06.24.2006 15:39
Your all fools... Nintendo will own all y'all.

44 - lol
Unregistered - anonymous 06.25.2006 03:07
Lol. Nintendo was once where Sony is now (In terms of success). They got a little arrogant (or crazy, like Ken is now), and look what happened to them.

45 - rant on 360, playstation elitism, et al.
Unregistered - Jeffery Donahue 06.28.2006 22:03
haha. i read how the 360 is better. you need to constantly update to play only a handful of xbox games(like barbie)and it has a friggin dvd-rom drive. the hard drive looks like a friggin dongle, and to play hd-dvd you need to purchase an external drive unit and plug it into the usb 2.0 port. genesis anyone? i remember just exactly how the 32x and cd failed, to much additional stuff to purchase and add on, and it really made the system bulky. i agree that the 360 is xbox 1.5, but it's just like every other new microsoft program. vista - xp 1.5, 360 - xbox 1.5, and a lot other projects that always end up like crap because parts of the code are protected from the programmers whose job's to make it better. microsoft will continue to release crappy half-ass products that everyone buys, but it just isn't the best solution. i'm not an oss enthusiast, and i sure am not a microsoft enthusiast. the playstation 3(yet expensive) will be the most revolutionary piece of equipment we ever buy. alienware wishes they could be that powerful with their alx 'puter line. it just sucks that microsoft didn't buy the intellectual property for the xbox hardware, 'cuz right now i'd be playing all of my xbox games on hardware emulation, cheap trick but it gets the job done, unlike software emulation. but you do have to give kudos to apple 'puter, they figured out a way to port powerpc apps to an intel based processor. microsoft only wishes they could port intel based apps to the powerpc architecture. sega ended up a failure, and microsoft carried on their failure tradition(anyone realize how similar the dreamcast is to the xbox? dc used a cd based format, and the 360 is using dvd's, just a matter of time until sony uses the best optical storage disk to rule them all. in the next five years we'll be carrying disks that hold more info than these bulky lacie drives. later.

46 -
Unregistered - s 07.04.2006 23:58
xbox is @ss

Unregistered - biggy2 from nerdblurb 07.14.2006 18:47
omfg you guy's beleive ps3 will actually be cool it's gaaaayyyyyy. MONEY SUCKER dont' beleive me look at the ps3 price, xbox and nintendo prices. xbox and nintendo come out waaayyyy out on top. you know what i think the high price is for is because sony said f@ck it if they don't buy our console i dont really care so up the price goes for a thing as entertaining as a brick.

48 - I'm sorry....what?
Unregistered - Matt 07.15.2006 11:05
Just what are you guys talking about regarding nintendo. If you cared to check stocks and profits, along with how much Sony computer entertainment and microsoft game studios is worth, you'll notice that Nintendo comes out on top. Just remember, despite the xbox 360 being a very good machine, technically, just like the ps3, people didn't stop and look twice at what sony and microsoft had on offer at e3, they all headed straight for Nintendo.
Anyone who thinks nintendo is dead is sooo totally wrong, and should get a reality check. And whilst you're at it, check which console is top of the games market WORLDWIDE - the DS lite, that's right, NINTENDO's DS lite. It has outsold the psp twice over if you check the current sales figures.

In conclusion, yes, ps3 and 360 are good machines. But they're not games consoles, and they're far from being anything new. Nintendo is the consumers choice, not the marketing department's.

49 - what a friggin retard
Unregistered - mrjacc 07.18.2006 19:50
ken kutaragi is hilarious, but just because is so friggin retarded. so ps3 is shooting for the sun but they are going to burn up before they get there. ps3 sucks my balls! it is the ugliest console to be introduced and is about the same size as the original xbox!!!! wtf went wrong? also have sony no imagination, can they not develope any other controllers? (apart from f*****G dildo/banana controllers) and also stealing nintendos motion controller idea and microsofts guide button. it really pisses me off that so many people think that the ps3 will actually be good. i feel sorry for anyone with that dissability, life must be hard...

50 - wii60
Unregistered - sam 07.25.2006 19:45
ignore sony! they talk sh*t if you want to play great games get an xbox 360 if you want to play fun games with friends get a wii if you want to get a rectal enema and be left withh an over priced george foreman grill and a very poor game selection get a ps3.
the answers clear


51 - Geez
Unregistered - Cory 07.27.2006 18:23
Half of the people speaking on here are fanboys.

Look at it this way: Ken can brag all he wants about technology. People can go on and on about how the PS3 has Blu-Ray and the Xbox360 needs an external terminal to play HD-DVD and this that and the other.

In the end? What's gonna sell the console? The fact that it's got Blu-Ray? If you buy a console based solely on the fact that it's got Blu-Ray, you're gonna be sharply disappointed. It'll be the games that Blu-Ray plays. THE GAMES. Whenever Kutaragi wants to believe it or not, people are going to be buying the PS3 because it's a game system.

So what's that mean? Whatever else the PS3 does is gonna come in second. It's got Blu-Ray, that's great. Guess what? You're paying $200 more for that capability than what you'd be paying for what the Xbox360 can do. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. That's half the cost of the fully-loaded 360 system. You're going to be paying $500 for a bare-bones PS3, $600 for a fully-loaded one.

On top of that, the PS3's graphics aren't much better than the 360's if you've looked at them. The hard drive is bigger granted, and I much support that decision. 20 gigs on the 360's is pretty small. But if I buy an extra hard drive along with my fully-loaded 360, I've STILL saved $100 off of what the fully-loaded PS3 is gonna be.

But back to what matters: games. Fanboys can say this or that on the systems if they want, but talk is cheap. Games make all the big talking that Kutaragi does, and all the naysaying that 360 haters do, equate to NOTHING. You can have all the technology in the world, but without games to back it up, you've got nothing. You can have the best car in the world, but without arms and legs, you still can't drive it. Same with the PS3. I see a few stand-alone titles that really look cool, like Heavenly Sword and Lair, but a lot of the titles they're releasing are multi-platform games. I don't doubt that there will be incredible games to come, like Devil May Cry 4 and the FFXIIIs, but for now, I'm not sold on the titles I see, because not a whole lot have been announced.

You can all say what you want about how a system's going to do, but you can sit here and argue over who's going to win the next Super Bowl with absolutely no frickin' clue as to how it's gonna go because it ain't here yet. Future is yet to come. Argue about the present, but don't sit here and spit in each other's faces about what's gonna happen when you don't know.

All I know right now is that Kutaragi's talking a lot of crap and he's really offputting me with what he's saying. Talking about how the PS3 isn't a game machine and about how Sony's gonna take over the world (<---hyperbole) is just really making me wanna buy the console less and less. I have my reservations, but we'll see how everything goes once it's launched. Until then, stop saying the 360 sucks. It's got a strong line-up ahead of it, whereas the PS3 does not.

But that, as well, is opinion I suppose.

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